Suzanne Pasternak

Suzanne has spent over 33 years collecting oral histories in the field, filming and photo documenting her subjects. Her focus has been in Eastern Ontario, Canada and the various islands in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. This work led her to create historically based folk operas, musicals, plays, 3 books, 2 documentaries and 2 albums. Suzanne also has a lecture series that she presents regionally.

When the environmentally protected South Shore of Prince Edward County, Ontario, came under the threat of 300 foot Wind Turbines being built, Suzanne spent one year photo documenting the fragile ecosystem of the South Shore and Ostrander Point. She faithfully recorded every week, rain or shine, resulting in over 1,400 photographs. She has collected hundreds of hours of oral histories from Canadian lumber jacks and lake faring families of Eastern Lake Ontario. She is currently cataloging and curating these interviews and photos for a book aimed at teens and young adults.

Suzanne’s folk opera Minerva is a dramatic and true cross border story that tells the tale of a young 17 year old ship’s cook from 1878. Minerva McCrimmon was a famous heroine in both Oswego, New York and Prince Edward County, in Canada. Another cross border work between Halifax Nova Scotia and Boston Massachusetts is told in her newly published book titled “The Story of the 1917 Halifax Explosion and the Boston Tree”. This book has been donated to every library in Boston by the esteemed A.C. Ratshesky Foundation.